This collection has everything from single letters to full names, designed for ladies with modern, unconventional taste.
Classical Arabic calligraphy had been influenced by strict rules, which are strongly observed since hundreds of years. In recent times, however, some artists came up with free styles that did not follow rigid rules. For instance, Wisam Shoukat, a renowned international artist, worked on refining the Sunbali script that had initially developed in Turkey. Many graffiti artists also like to create their masterpieces using this style. In 2018, when I met one such artist, El Seed in Qatar, he told me that he never learnt Arabic calligraphy in the usual way. Instead, he came up with his own distinct style, and I was greatly amazed by his experiences.
I named this calligraphic style “Mouj”, Arabic for Wave, inspired by the smoothness of the letters which resemble water waves in their curves.

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