As a young child, I was raised in the Khalifa City, where Qatari people from all social backgrounds lived together in complete harmony. I was always intrigued by the simple, beautiful and unique Bedouin designs of the Arabian ground seats, locally known as Majlis.
The Bedouin, or Bedu, have deeply rooted core values, which, despite their simplicity, are still highly influential. What I had seen twenty years ago was eventually becoming a trend in today’s modern world; those designs had become a staple in most homes around Qatar.
The Sedu is a special, artistic pattern, used by the Bedouins to decorate their tents, furniture, carpets, etc. Bedouin ladies took pride in weaving and creating Sedu. They skillfully weaved it with love and care, and a high degree of craftsmanship. The Sedu fabric is weaved from sheep’s wool and goats’ and camels’ hair, after carefully collecting and cleaning it. Spindles, made from jujube wood or palm trees, were used in the weaving process. The number of spindles used depended on the size and quantity of the required Sedu fabric. On special occasions, such as Eids or weddings, the ladies gathered together and weaved in small groups, while reciting poetry or singing joyful songs.
The traditional Sedu designs are geometrically unique. They are characterized by simple and balanced colors, like black, white, beige, red and brown. These dyes are extracted from naturally available herbs and spices, such as henna, cactus, indigo plant, turmeric and saffron. The designs hold important connotations and symbols about the life and culture of the integrated Badia (Dessert life), such as nature, livestock and coherent tribal unity. These decorations symbolize flat grasslands, palm trees, flowers, sand dunes, camels, sheep and mosques. They, generally, reflect the environment of the Arabian deserts. The main Sedu decorations are derived from basic designs such as tree inscriptions, Awerian inscriptions and Ain Al-Ghadir inscriptions.
Sedu designs had always been present on my mind, and the Sedu Collection that I designed is proudly inspired by them. We, at Midad Jewelry, provide three different catagories of the Sedu Collection: The Diamond Sedu Collection; The Gold and Mother-of-Pearl (Nacre) Sedu Collection; and The Gold and Black Onyx Sedu Collection.

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